Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's the little and big things

Yesterday I received a perfect little package in the mail from Jamie. We've been blogger friends for a while now and have done a few trade handmades in the past. I want to show you what Jamie sent me this time. In part because it's just awesome and in part because it really showed how thoughtful and perceptive she is. She really personalized the items she sent me, and it completely made my day.
This is ALMOST everything she sent me. This is the only picture you can clearly see the earrings and turtle bracelet so look closely and be jealous :)
A pirate bunny, a zombie and a dinosaur heart. I wore the zombie to teach and the kids loved it.
Her little boy made me this... my heart totally melted. I love it so much!
This little camera has not left my side since it arrived!
Um cool? YES! It actually flashes!
Not the most flattering picture, but I'm totally sporting the crazy kid necklace!

The point of all this is to say, that even the little things can make a horrible, emotional month (and actually longer) seem that much better. First I found out about the job and then this perfect, friendly mail came... and I finally felt like things were looking up :)

Thanks Jamie and little man! I love you!
And thanks God for seeing me through. 


With Love, Jamie said...

Ah! Yay! I am totally going to show him the picture of you wearing the necklace!! He will be so excited! :D I'm happy your happy!

Lauren said...

Cute things! I love the pirate bunny and zombie :)


Amanda Rose said...

Bless the lord for guiding all of us through. I'm glad things are turning around!

Amanda Rose

Teddi said...

jamie's auch a doll, & she makes cute things. ;) the necklace made by her son is totally my heart! :)