Thursday, June 7, 2012

Green Sweater and a silly half duck face pose.

So I finally bought a camera remote... I may have mentioned that. I practised using it while wearing a green sweater... and since today is GREEN day for Colour Week... it seemed appropriate to post the photos today. (I use a lot of ...... s)
I'm also wearing braids. I LOVE wearing braids but once I crossed the border wearing braids and the guy practically laughed at me because I looked so much younger than the age stated on my passport. Since then, I've been reluctant to wear them, but it really is my favourite hair style - cute and low maintenance, so I'm bringing back the braids.
\Um yep, I've got a booty... haha... 
And featuring the remote!
 I was notified yesterday that I made the President's Roll at my College this term for having a 90% average. 
I keep trying to post the letter rather than just writing about it, but for some reason, it's not cooperating.

Be back with more Colour Week soon!


Teddi said...

definitely bring back the braids, they look good on you! congrats on your president's roll grades, & new remote. :) super fun photos.

Amanda Rose said...

I have a camera stand but no camera! The braids look good on you.

Amanda Rose