Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY: Zombie rabbit plushies

I was searching Plushies the other day... and thinking about zombies and rabbits... and then I was searching Zombie rabbits (they are tons of cute zombie rabbits on etsy by the way)... and then I was sewing a zombie rabbit plushie.
Cut out the pattern and then the corresponding felt pieces (2 bodies, 4 arms, 4 ears)
I gave him a little x for an eye and a straight across mouth.
Then I used a little felt circle and a button for his other eye and sewed a pink nose. I let the felt from the white circle bunch up, zombie-style.
The important thing is really that you sew his face on before you attach the front of him to the back of him.
After that, I sewed his arms (other than the bottom) and stuffed them, then sewed the bottoms closed. I also sewed together his ears. I added a bit of red felt to the tip of one ear for blood.
When the ears and arms are finished, sew the two pieces of his body together, inserting the ears and arms into place as you go. This is tricky with the arms. (Next time I will do the arms and legs a bit differently).
Leave the bottom of the zombie rabbit open so you can add stuffing. Once he is stuffed, sewed the bottom closed as well.
And there you have it.


Teddi said...

so completely you, which completely makes me smile :)

Lilah said...

This is so cute! I used to have something similar as a keychain and I was so sad when I lost it. Now I am definitely making one for myself!

Rachel Beyer said...

Adorable DIY! I love the little details you added to the eyes and the the ear :)