Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY: Felt flowers

So I had all these hair clips and I wanted to do something with them.....
I attached wire stems to the clips but the bouquet was sparse.
I didn't have enough felt to do a whole bouquet but I made a few...
Take some pretty buttons
Bend some wire through the buttonholes of both buttons.
Cut out a felt flower or leaf.
Push the wire through the felt and twist the wire tightly to secure the pieces together. Twist the wire all the way down to create the stem. 
To make a full flower (rather than just leaves and buttons) you follow the same steps but attach a flower instead of leaves (obviously)
My bouquet still looked like crap. It ended up in my closet, but making the felt flowers was fun and I think I will make a whole bouquet of them once I get more felt. The hair clip flowers will go into hiding. I stuck them in my NYC mug because I never have the heart to use it. 


Dora said...

This is such a cute idea :)

Teddi said...

charity, have you heard of natty, at the art blog: awkward & beautiful? your DIY flowers, remind me of how she wants paper instead of real flowers at her upcoming wedding. she thought it would be special to have anyone that wants to, make her 1 flower, or as many as they want. if you're interested, want more details, or are simply curious here's the link.