Monday, June 11, 2012

Comic Con!!!!

I went to my first Comic Con in Niagara Falls on the weekend. It was packed with people who pushed and shoved, people who made it very warm and smelly inside the building, but it was soooo worth going. I've decided as a photographer (and sometimes writer and wannabe artist), I need to experience as many things as possible. I love photographing things I've never photographed before (obviously) and Comic Con is so perfect for providing interesting subjects. Now, none of the photos I took are excellent photos, they might as well be snap shots, but I'm still proud of them because I overcame something. Normally, I'm terrified of approaching people to ask them to take their photo. At Comic Con, at first I was too shy but then I went crazy. For some reason when people are in costume, even though they are still just people, they are more than willing to pose, they are not awkward when they pose and it's so easy to ask them to take their photos.

All I bought at the event was a Pirates of the Caribbean Lego man.
But that in itself made me insanely happy (a little Johnny Depp for my pocket, if you will)
I chatted with Chandler Riggs from Walking Dead for a little bit. He's a really normal little kid (who is actually in 8th grade so I guess he's not that little)
There were other "celebrities" there but I was never a big Trekkie or wrestling fan, so although I took photos I'm not going to post them here.
Here's me just prior to buying the LEGO man. I'm bending my back awkwardly which makes me look about 3 months pregnant, haha... oh well. 
I wore my Batman shirt and a cheap princess crown I bought at the Fair. I'm not sure why... I just liked it.
Cutest Han Solo EVER. 
Those stupid body suit guys kept circle around people. It drove me crazy, but apparently Thor was amused.
She-Ra and her little one take a rest in the middle of the floor in the middle of the Convention Centre
This guy told me people had asked him to pose at least 40 to 50 times that day.
How cute are these two? And see what I mean about people not being awkward and being willing to pose? I HAD to photograph Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. If you haven't seen the youtube video, you should.
Here's the youtube link!

I hope I get to go again. I would start out brave and be able to get so many pictures of people in their costumes!



Sera Guffey said...

Han Solo is the cutest!

Amanda Rose said...

This looks like so much fun! I want to go to one. And you do NOT look pregnant!

Amanda Rose

Teddi said...

i wondered what you were doing at comic con when i read the title. it for your photography. i get it now. people are generally super nice when i ask to take their picture. the times i regret, are the photos i don't take.

Angel said...

Looked like fun. I always mean to go to one veery year and I always forget. Are you going to attend the Fan Expo? Its huge and a lot of people dress up!