Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our little group for Random Acts of Kindness

The teens at my Church (and myself) decided to start a Random Acts of Kindness group. This is the little card we designed to leave behind after we do an act of kindness. 
We also have a facebook page and tumblr.
Eventually we are also stocking this etsy shop with jewellery for under $5.00 to raise money for the small acts we hope to accomplish. The shop is still under my username, because I originally opened it to sell polymer clay things, but I didn't keep that up.

I know we would appreciate any support or help you can offer. One of the girls has been working wildly on making braceletts to sell as a fundraiser at the town's Mudcat Festival in June. I'm really excited for her and I really hope that this little group can become part of the larger Pay it Forward movement.


Amanda Rose said...

I love the concept of pay it forward. Good for you guys!

Amanda Rose

Tiffany said...

Very cool thing to do! I love pay it forward ~ Love the photo for the card too!
Times are extremely tight right now but I will check out the shop when I have a little extra!
Have a great day!