Friday, May 4, 2012

365 in selfies???? Vanity or Fun?

I had some free time, so I decided to play with make-up again.
I still need a lot more practice, I have a lot of trouble with lip colour because of the shape of my lips. Super pouty in the centre, but tapers off on the edges, haha. And yes, I am super pale, but the extra whiteness came from shooting in direct sun which is almost NEVER a good idea. Oh well.
Now for the true story....
My hair is always messy, I wear lots of dark eyeliner all the time, and I love hoop earrings and giant cardigans even when they are unflattering.
I'm doing a 365 project of selfies. It sounds vain but I got bored of my other project, fell behind anyway because of Photography school (oddly enough) and taking a photo of yourself every day actually requires quite a bit of thought, (if you want variety I mean) so I'm hoping it grows my skill and creativity. I also lately bought a remote for my camera, and new toys are always fun to play with :)
The bottom three are my favourites so far, although unfortunately two were taken the same day so that doesn't even count.

And that's all for today, and probably the next few days, because I have a busy and amazing week ahead!

As an aside, I made a promise to myself to only think positive things for the last month. If any of things that were bugging me came into my mind, I had to refuse to dwell on them. I wasn't always successful, but for the most part, it's allowed me to see life from a different perspective. Here's to the future friends.

And thank-you for being there for me! I love you all. xo


Tiffany said...

I love all the black and white!! They are so great!
Love the fun makeup in the top few! I am never brave enough to try any different fun make up~
Hope you are doing well!

Teddi said...

it will be such a thing for you to look back on your self portraits from now, don't ya think? i like that you are sharing these images with us. :)

Leslie Sweet said...

I love this post...and I really love the eye makeup in the first creative! I hope you have fun doing these...I can't wait to see more.

Teresa said...

Love your 365 Selfies project! Great way to be creative and introspective.