Friday, May 25, 2012

10 Simple Rules to Enjoy Life

Some sound advice I found here.

10 Simple Rules to Enjoy Life

  1. Make time to help others in small and big ways. Make a small donation to a cause, smile at a stranger, or volunteer at an animal shelter. The good feeling of helping someone goes a long way.
  2. Read. Reading brings me to a world of imagination and creativity. It takes me away from life’s stresses.
  3. Listen to music and go to concerts. Listening to music helps calm my mood whether it’s sad, mad, annoyed, etc. Going to concerts allows me to have fun and get my mind off of things.
  4. Take advantage of the weather. If it’s hot and sunny take a road trip up to a lake for the day with some of your best friends. If it’s pouring, get productive and do things inside that you’ve been meaning to get done. Then take a break and go dance in the rain. If there’s a tornado or other dangerous storm, cuddle up in the basement with your cat or dog and watch a scary movie.
  5. Don’t dwell on little insignificant moments. Often times our most embarrassing or awkward moments are forgotten after a day. Don’t let what others may be thinking get you down.
  6. Take time out of your day to work on yourself, not everyone else. Take a long shower, work out for an hour, run some errands you’ve been meaning to take care of. When you spend all of your time trying to make others happy, there’s not much room left for your own happiness.
  7. Drink water, exercise, and eat healthy. When your body is happy and healthy, so is your mind.
  8. Travel to new places often. Experiencing different cultures and meeting new people is a way to keep life fun and exciting.
  9. Forgive people and don’t hold grudges. There’s no point in being forever mad at a person if the friction only affects you. So let go of the grudges and spend time loving yourself rather than hating others.
  10. Never push away people who care about you. These people are the people you need to be happy. If you keep pushing them away when you’re in a bad mood, they might not stick around for the times when you’re in a good mood. So let your friends and family help you and love you; that’s what they’re there for.


Zia Blue said...

This is perfect <3 Now I just need to work on no. 10...


Amanda Rose said...

I have a list like this on my blog!

This is wonderful. Well said, too.

Amanda Rose

marksjohnsons1 said...

Nice blog, thanks for sharing, blog's 10 tips shows how to enjoy life and increase our happiness as well.

peter morrison said...

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