Thursday, February 16, 2012

A wild crazy week

Hehe, I bought paper masks when I was in artsy Hamilton. Aren't they great? 
Tea and toast. I think I must be vitamin deprived. Lately I've been craving food like peanut butter, and I hate peanut butter normally. Yesterday, I ate eggs for breakfast, carrots and a granola bar for lunch and falafel for dinner. I felt good after... so protein maybe???
A few behind the scenes pictures of our photo shoots
They're such cute girls! And great models!
Yes, I wear stripped socks with heels.

This is my Dr. Suess plant. It just keeps growing taller and taller to reach the sun, and I try to move it to spots that it will get more sun, but it doesn't help. It's leaning in such a crazy angle now that I have to attach it to the ledge with fishing line.
And finally, my new toque on my furry Claire.


Teddi said...

did you revamp your blog? :) nice photos. i like the behind the scenes, stripes with heels, sky, everyday life. those masks are my fave!

Loulou said...

Those are cool masks! Love the socks too.

Loulou Downtown

Rachel Beyer said...

Those masks look like so much fun! :)