Friday, February 3, 2012

Something to love

I always see this picture. Does anyone know where I can get mini cameras like that?
This collection is cute too
You know how they have those Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling feminist tumblr posts. My personal favourites are the crafty ones.... someone created a City of Hamilton Ryan Gosling Hey Girl tumblr. It makes references that only Hamiltonians would understand, and most of them are really horrible... but I still think it's fun.
Wanna read more cheesy Hamiltonian references? Click here
Ryan did get his start in Southern Ontario... so it's not entirely ridiculous, haha.
The middle one is my favourite, probably because I love Westdale. I wish the image wasn't so distorted though. It even is on the tumblr.
My walls are getting painted, but I think I will do this after. It's pretty cute.


kimi said...

so i have never seen those tiny cameras...but i am a research genius (self-proclaimed of course)!

and found those tiny cameras, not really sure i want to share cause they are AWESOME!

But here you go! them!

Ngaio May said...

Cute! I love everything in this post!! Cute little cameras and cool photo of rabbits!

Just letting you know that you were featured in my latest post! :)

Ngaio May xx

Teddi said...

somebunny's ready for spring. charity, i know you have photography challenges up the wazoo with school, but i ran into this today, & thought you might like it.

totally reminded me of your 30 days of lovely. have a fab weekend!

With Love, Jamie said...

I am so in love with those Ryan Gosling photos! They are so cute & funny!

little moon lover said...

those rabbits are so cute! I've been meaning to get me one but I doubt I'll have the time to take care of it

Courtney said...

Those are the cutest charms of little cameras.
I love that wall of photos!