Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paying it Forward with Teens

Here's the list my Sunday School teens came up with for Random Acts of Kindness that we could easily do. We also started a facebook group but I won't give you the link yet, as it hasn't made any real progress beyond... well creating the name for the group! haha. They also decided to start a tumblr blog, but we will see how that goes, with all their homework and part-time jobs, it seems like a big undertaking.

These kids are amazing though, and already heavily involved in the community through a program at our local High School. It's called the DREAM program... DREAM kids work with mentors and mentor each other, fund raise to visit a poor section of Mexico, and in the end, earn money towards going to College and University. The only stipulation is, you can't have parents who obtained post-secondary education. The founders of the DREAM program also started one of those community garden things... and one of the teens works there in the summer as well as other things. Anyway, the point being, they are busy, so we will see where this goes, although I admire their enthusiasm!
The puzzle pieces are suppose to remind us they we are all connected. It was my job to hole punch them and make them into necklaces and key chains (because we ran out of time). They're still sitting on my desk waiting to be finished. (And I talk about them not finishing things... haha)

The funniest thing about these kids is they still love little kid crafts. I had cut out some hearts for Valentine's (for small children to use). They scooped them up and made Valentines for another of the ladies who works with them out. (She does elaborate, grown-up crafts with them, not puzzle pieces and heart rabbit Valentines)
Hahahaha! This is the world's fattest rabbit.

Anyway, that was our first group Random Act of Kindness. If you have any suggestions for things we can do, please let me know!

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Teddi said...

hey i'm an adult and i still like kid crafts. it probably feels nice to see them learn & grow.