Monday, February 6, 2012

Pay it Forward with a Letter

Write a letter to someone telling them how much you appreciate them. This could be family member, but I think it would be even more fun to write to someone who has no idea you appreciate them.... maybe the local horticultural society who does such a great job beautifying your town, on their own time, and I'm sure get minimal recognition.
Maybe you need to write yourself letter! :)
I appreciate you! You need to know how great you are.
This brings me back! 
The point is, everyone appreciates kind words and knowing you have a friend!
Pass it on.

See more information and ideas here (The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation)


Teddi said...

for a long time, i kept those school notes, then one day i let them go, tossed away, now i wish i had them back, if only to look at all the creative ways they were folded.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the reminder! I love hand written cards and letters~ they are my very favorite!
I need to get out my paper and pens and get to writing!