Monday, February 6, 2012

My Sweet Friends

Ngaio May has a lovely blog called Little Cloud. Even the name is sweet. She passed on a blogger award to me, and gave me such a nice recommendation that I had to spread the love on to other people.

This award is personal, just a way for bloggers to encourage each other to keep up the good work. 
There are three rules to follow:
1 - Thank the person who nominated you.

2 - Name your nominated blogs. Notify them that you have done so.
3 - Share seven things about yourself.

Here are my blog nominations:

Kellie at On the Brink of Something Beautiful
She always has great ideas for the blogger community to stay connected - she organized the pen pal project and 52 weeks of lists. I love her - really truly. Once randomly, I sent her an email about something that was bothering me, and she responded so quickly and with so much caring. I couldn't ask for a better blogger friend. I can't wait to meet her for real (and it's guaranteed to happen!)

Teddi at Honeybee Lane is, as I've mentioned before, the reason I even kept blogging. She is the most supportive friend in the world, has amazing taste, is so unique and refreshing in a world that tends to produce a lot of carbon copies. What would I do without her in my life? It would be less complete for sure!

Tiffany at I am Rena's Daughter is such a strong, inspiring women. She's always supportive and kind. Her blog is full of lovely images and stories of her travels. Blog world is lucky to have her.

Courtney at You Will. Won't You? She did my blog design and she was so amazing at designing my blog according to my personality. She's always helpful, an amazing photographer, and offers an additional perspective on traditional philosophy. I love her commentaries and having her as a blogger friend.

And Jamie, at With Love, Jamie as with the other ladies named above... I know we would be friends in real life. She has such a sweet soul (is that cheesy?) and I'm crazy about her bohemian finds. She's a talented Artist and we've done a few swaps in the past. She's always so nice to me too. 

I'd nominate Cuppy as well but we all know she's honeymooning in Disney!!! Congrats! I love you!

Here is a virtual cat hug just for all of you!

Just thinking about all the amazing women I've met through blogging is making me a tad emotional! haha

And now 7 things about myself, hmmmm.....

1) I really like soda crackers
2) Lately, I've been washing with baby shampoo and soap because my skin is so sensitive it reacts to everything. Will this work?
3) I want to travel to NYC at the turn of the 19th Century, or anywhere in the world really. I'm obsessed with the early part of that Century and have been for ages.
4) I want to try new dark room techniques.
5) I write children's books but I've never entirely finished one.
6) Ayn Rand is my favourite author, although I don't follow her philosophies.
7) I was terrified of the movie Lost Boys and Kiefer Sutherland for A LONG time because I was really into Peter Pan and when I saw Lost Boys listed in the tv guide I thought that's what it would be about. I was wrong. It was traumatic.
I'm a huge Donald Sutherland fan though... and oddly Michael Cane. I LOVE Michael Cane.


Teddi said...

thank you charity! :) the lost boys kind of freaked me out because it had elements of a horror movie, though it was full of eye candy.

With Love, Jamie said...

Awwwww....! :) :) :)
Thank you! I feel so loved!

Tiffany said...

You are the sweetest!! Thank you soooo much! I am honored to be included in your blog list today! I will have to take some time to think of a blog post soon ~ This really means so much to me!
Thank you! :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aw thanks charity! i love you!!! and we are gonna (cause we HAVE TO) meet.
love your list!

Sujana said...

Congrats on the blog award! You have a lovely blog.

Courtney said...

Thank you kitten! I love your blog-I can't believe how long it's been too!
(Also- I'm so happy that I can FINALLY comment on your blog- I don't know why it wasn't letting me for like what, a few months!)
Love you-Love your photos...don't change a thing!