Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Life According to My IPhone

I finally got a new wig and outfit for Rhine! She's the purple haired one sporting all the Oh Strumpets! clothes.
I received a lovely note from a friend that melted my heart.
I hit up my first comic book store. At first, I thought the toys were cool... then while I waited for my friend, I got really bored.
I tried some cheap, red lipstick. It mostly just made a mess, but it was fun while it lasted.
I went to the University of Toronto to see the Malcolmson Exhibit, and scrunched up my face for pictures in the Eaton's Centre with friends....
I bought this ring at Forever 21!
We got stuck in traffic for 5 hours coming home from Toronto. My friends looked like this... 
And this.... haha
I photo bombed instagram to catch up on my three photo a day thingamabobs.
I painted random acts of kindness stones to leave places to cheer people up a bit!

Busy week! But good week!

Happy days ahead friends! <3


Teddi said...

5 hr traffic jam? sounds like texas. nice stones. i was wondering why you'd be a comic book store, then i read you got bored. ;)

Valiant V said...

Lippy looks lovely anyway!