Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Love Love

I'm going to NYC soon and I'm not doing a great job at containing my excitement. I've already made three "to pack" lists which are virtually identical and in fact, I've actually done the packing for the most part. It's pathetic, but please don't judge, haha. Anyway, in an attempt to distract myself, here are some pretties I'm loving lately....
A zombie moon bunny. I am so freaking obsessed with Walking Dead. I nearly count down the days between episodes. I almost bought a Daryl Dixon action figure, but they were all sold out. What is HAPPENING to me?
I need this to strut around NYC and spread Canadian-ness. I need this just for kicks. Except I don't really need it. And I mentioned NYC.
I don't travel outside of Canada and the US (yet) but I want this to track my interactions with people globally. I get letters internationally, swap things with bloggers, you know, that kind of thing. Besides that, I have a big empty wall and I've been wanting to fill it with a map, so this would be perfect.
Big Bang Theory cross stitch pattern There is also a Breakfast Club Pattern. I think it would be perfect to do this on the bus to NYC (hehe). I use to love Cross Stitch when I was 14 and younger. I'm not sure I have ever completely finished a project though. I'm thinking I'm older now and perhaps more patient so I think I would I would enjoy the therapeutic-ness of it. (I may have just talked myself into actually purchasing this pattern!) I find I wouldn't want to hang most cross-stitch pieces on my wall, but this would definitely be cute enough to be wall Art... and the Breakfast Club one... it must be done!
And I give up!

That reminds me, I have some photos of the fantastic graffiti and street folk of Toronto. I need to share them! That will be tomorrow's post hopefully!

Love you all! So much!

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Marla Rae Morrison said...

I love that Ryan Gosling bag! hehe! : )
I tagged you in a post on my blog, the 11 things meme