Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

My, oh so romantic Valentine's Day outfit... a black Pink Floyd tshirt, ratty jeans and a grey cardigan. BUT my nails are pink, red and purple, my hat is pink and purple... and of course, I had a felt heart brooch. Don't worry, this wasn't a date night outfit. I wore it to school. I think it's my new favourite outfit though. I'm such a   bum.
The nails are actually pink and red but they look pink and purple because I used purple glitter on top!
This is my blog face because I like to include my nail polish in every photo. I really need to find a new face.
And more finger nails!
And more finger nails, and I look like a pouty five year old. 
A day late, but meh....

Wow! I am behind so many blog posts by this point. Love you all! 


With Love, Jamie said...

Gosh i love you!! :)

Teddi said...

i think the outfit's cute, the nails are cute, & the poses are guess what? cute!