Monday, February 13, 2012

Focus on Hamilton Downtown

I love the marketplace. I hated it when I was kid. I was afraid of the elevator and fish stands.
Now I love to go because there is so much to see.
Hamilton also has a fabric district (A few blocks of fabric stores separated by scattered Antique places...not too shabby!) and a slowly growing Art district. I found this little place called the White Elephant and fell in love. I only bought a few paper masks, but they were perfect.
This is the only picture I took inside the shop. I was too awestruck! haha
It didn't show up well here, but I loved this building right beside the White Elephant.
And I loved this "back alley" with the pink building and funky graffiti!

Lots of love to you all!


Teddi said...

i know you took these recently, but why did i think that little girl with the guy, that might be her dad, looked like you? ;)

Ngaio May said...

Wow, that market looks so amazing!! I want to come visit it!! I love the colours, the freshness and the cool arty stuff. You live in a cool as place!! :)

Ngaio May xx