Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wish List!

Available from Oh Strumpets!

My birthday is fast approaching.... usually if I like some handicraft, I go ahead and buy it because it's supporting small artisans, but I can't afford it right now with going back to school, so I just have to wish!
Apparently I'm going with a camera theme to some degree, plus little totoro. Isn't he adorable?


little moon lover said...

awesome sunglasses!

R. Grace said...

I love the little Totoro! Just rewatched that movie recently :)

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Advance Happy birthday to you!
Camera-theme stuff are absolutely awesome! ^_^
Hopefully you'll get all of them!

by the way, thanks for your quick response!

we are your newest follower! ^_^

...there's a news on our blog, please visit us again!

Thank you! ^_^

Ask Erena said...

Loooooove your wishlist!You have great style and fab blog and I wold like us to follow each other. Let me know what you think.
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena
P.S. Check my new find @

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

you can never go wrong with a camera theme. so adorable! happy early birthday!
xo TJ

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Sweet glasses! =)


Teddi said...

i'm guessing somebody's an aquarius, just like my sweetie, some of my very good friends, & family. :)

Sara said...

The tiny Totoro is adorable!

Bisous, Sara