Monday, January 16, 2012

Cranky until Marty

I have this thing inside me that always says "things will be ok" even when it doesn't make sense. Sometimes it drives me nuts because I think I would be more motivated to change things if it wasn't there. I was thinking these very thoughts this morning. I was remarkably cranky to boot. I wanted to find something to make me feel inspired.... and I saw this. HOPE IS NOT CRAZY!
I'm happy to say, I've lately rid myself of a lot of grudges... but isn't this brilliant!?
This isn't something I would normally post, so I'm sorry if anyone is offended, but I SO was not expecting to read this, that it did actually work to cheer me up! And we have to admit, it's pretty, stinking hilarious.

Awww, Marty McFly = me officially cheered up!


Leah said...

loving your blog, and those pictures really picked me up from a bit of a dump today :D am now following your blog, please follow mine at

thanks lEAH :p

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh goodness, that second one really rang true for me. i always have to remind myself that when i am holding a grudge against someone, 99% of the time they have already forgotten. great words!
xo TJ

the lovebirds said...

ha ha. This is great. My hubby just told me i was being cranky today. This was a perfect discovery.

Christine said...

haha, I love these! The second one is too true... and so is the mole rate one :)