Friday, January 13, 2012

So I got snowed in today

It's Friday, so of course it's casual day at work, and for the first time in ages, I actually planned my outfit the night before rather than just throwing on jeans and a clean sweater.
I actually have some matching going on which is incredibly rare in my world.

So Liz and I set out for work this morning at 7am and could only do 40km/hour maximum in an 80km/hour zone. I don't know what that is in American talk (hehe).  The blowing snow was unreal and apparently they don't blow around here until 8am. We had to turn around and go home! I will also mention that Liz is a much braver driver in snow than I am... so if she turned around it was bad.

I love my David Bowie print. 


Dora said...

I love your cute little necklace. It's pretty bad here in Kingston, Ontarion with the snow too :P

the lovebirds said...

well, don't you look adorable today. It's a bummer you're snowed in and can't show off your outfit! ;) xoxo

order and chaos said...

your nails are darling! i love that green shade!! xo. holly

Teddi said...

i like your david bowie print photo. i also like your matchy matchy nails with your sweater. the 1st thing i noticed was your mini charity necklace! :) snow driving can be a scary thing, glad you were smart.

Ngaio May said...

Man, I want it to snow here in the winter!! It looks kinda fun (not the snowed in part though!)

I love your outfit, especially all your necklace and jumper, so cute! :)

Ngaio May xx