Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness: Painted stones

I really, really want to post regularly about unique random acts of kindness or fun ways to pay it forward. Hopefully, I also manage to do them.... but we will see how that goes. 
Along time ago, I read this post on the blog Color Me Katie. Have you seen this blog? It's so colourful and fun. There is nothing quite like it. In fact, I often find her images on pinterest or through people referring to her, but I'm not even sure I was a follower until today. It took a lot of ingenuity to find the post I'm about to tell you about. In fact, I found it by typing "Paint Stones Sidewalk Color Blog" into google or something like that. I always forget and put colour instead of color into searches. It's very limiting being a Canadian sometimes.

So! To the point, Katie had some extra stones and wanted a fun way to cheer people up. She painted the stones pretty colours and then left them random places for people to find and pick up and admire. She placed the stones in places that were similar in colour to the stone. It's simple but sweet. I would love to walk down the street and find a pretty stone like this.
I already have the stones and paint so I just have to get around to it, although maybe in the snow it's not such a great plan? haha

Anyway, for more images, check out Katie's post here.

If you have a really great random act of kindness you want to do or someone has done for you, email me and you (or I, if you prefer) can post about it!

"In the end, only kindness matters" - Jewel


Teddi said...

very cheery! i'd never heard of her, nor this before. about the jewel quote, she has a way with words. did you ever read her poetry book?

Loulou said...

Those painted stones are so pretty! I'm with you ...wouldn't is be great to be walking along and find such a treasure.

Loulou Downtown