Monday, January 2, 2012

Outfit Post: My five year old self would be pleased

When I was in kindergarten, I wore a lot of hand-me downs from a little girl my family knew. She gave me this red and blue striped dress and I loved it! I always wanted to wear it. Here's the thing though, my mother HATED it. She also maintained that red heads should NOT wear red. As a result, I think I maybe got to wear it out of the house one time.

I bought this dress from H&M the other day
I realized once I had decided to purchase it, how similar it was to that dress back 24 years ago! Although this dress has coral stripes rather than red. Somethings never change though.

(Yes, I'm sitting on the floor in front of an unmade bed. This is my favourite spot for some reason. I sit here all the time to read and think. I've always been a floor sitter. I can't sit at desks and rarely on chairs!)

So although these photos are pretty unflattering, I'm still mastering the skill of outfit post photos, here is my new dress. I wore it for New Year's Day. I have terrible posture. When I was taking ballet, I could not figure out how to "tuck in" my stomache and bum at the same time. Apparently, based on this picture, I still have not mastered that!
I also got my bangs cut and have been experimenting wearing crazy amounts of dark eye make-up. I'm kinda loving it. It looks smeared here, I just noticed. Bah, it wasn't!
My nails are painted gold and silver, but they look terrible.
and because it's glitter polish, it's gonna be a PAIN to get it off.... so I left it.

Dress - H&M
Pants - Ancient from Suzy Shier, I think
Guitar Necklace - Forever 21
Peace Necklace and first two braceletts - With Love, Jamie

Honestly, I wish you I could make this dress look cuter because it's really comfortable and only cost me $15.00. In fact, I bought two!

Love you all!


Tiffany said...

Love the dress! It looks great on you! I am glad you wear Red! :) Love the bangs and make up too!
Happy 2012! :)

With Love, Jamie said...

Hey cutie! Your wearing my jewelry! :D

Teddi said...

are you loving the bangs? jamie made your sweet jewelry! that dress looks good on you. want to know how else you can wear it: belts layer a couple or just one, jackets, scarves around neck, shoulders, or waist, blouses over or under, different colored tights, & lastly you can put a skirt over the top & wear it as a blous, or put a blouse over the top, & wear it as a skirt.

ashley.warner said...

what a pretty dress! :)

x - ashley

ps. i am giving away a HOPE necklace if you're interested...