Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Art and Jennah's Art for me

Jennah drew me this for my birthday. I am still so thrilled. She cleaned me up a bit but I'm not complaining ;)
And my next three journal pages. (Draw a shape over and over, then colour in the design)
Draw your inner critic. Mine makes me feel small and like I will never be good enough.
Illustrate a quotation! I used a quotation we often quote around here. We were playing a drawing game at Kids' Group. Theresa drew circles because it was all she could draw. Unfortunately, the drawing game was Pictionary so the other kids had to guess what it was. When no one could after a long while, I asked her what it was. This was her answer. 

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Teddi said...

your friend loves you. what a precious birthday present. thanks for sharing your soul through your art journal. :)