Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Hoping If I Write Them Here....

My goals for 2012 are really important to me. I'm hoping if I write them everywhere, including here, I won't forget to work towards them. I won't give you the whole list because some of it's too personal for public consumption, but here's the jist.

1) I'm afraid of a lot of things. As I've gotten older the list has gotten longer. Fear is one of those things the more you indulge it, the bigger it grows. 2012 is my year to conquer fear!

2) I can never make up my mind about things. I'm always worried I'm doing something wrong, even to the point that I get lost while driving all the time because I second guess myself and think I'm going the wrong way so I turn off prematurely. The thing is, I always no what to do deep down, I just get so worried about what everyone else is thinking or of making a mistake. This is my year TO DECIDE and fight to hang on for what I know is right!

3) Number 3 has been my goal for the last number of fact, for years and years. My name is Charity, which as you know, means love. I really, really desire to live up to my name and I fall short so frequently. It's important to me to be selfLESS not selfISH and I often get it mixed up. This is my year to LOVE!

4. I've been thinking a lot about new strategies to get a job, what I want to do for the rest of my life, ways to make myself stand out from all the competition. I was forming goals around these things when suddenly I realized, none of this required trusting God. So 2012 is my year to trust God to provide, promote and guide me!

Love, trust, faith and hope are what matter in the long run.
Hang on to those things if you've found them.

And a few less spiritual goals:
1) Start this photography business already!
2) Finish my children's book (and try to get it published, it can't hurt!)
3) Lose 10 pounds.
4) Transition towards being a vegetarian
5) Get going on this charitable organization thing.

To all of you who read this, Happy 2012. I hope it's your best year ever and that all of your dreams come true!
source.... ME!


Heather Grace said...

it definitely can't hurt putting your resolutions up everywhere! love that last little photo :)

Out on a limb said...

Good luck on your resolutions!
I love the cluster of photos you've posted too.


Ngaio May said...

I love the new year, as it is a time of reflection! I am too going to be a vegetarian! (when I move out in a month!)

I love the photos you added and your goals are great, some of mine are similar! Good luck getting it all started! :)

Ngaio May xx