Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's the Second Dress

So I told you I bought two of the same dress in two different colours the other day.... (from H&M)
Teddi made all kinds of suggestions how I can dress these dresses up, and I definitely need to listen, but I haven't shaken it up just yet.
We went out for my aunt and uncle's 30th anniversary last night and I wore the dress and this cardy. I wore the dress with pants because... well, that's just what I do.
The cardigan is also from H&M
This is my new Forever 21 necklace and I LOVE it.
And I made this earring with a feather charm and ribbon
And I noticed before I left that this ring is missing one of it's rhinestones.
I love the buttons on the sweater though.
Pretty nail polish in metallic shades
And there we go!
I got great mail today so another post coming soon! :)


Ngaio May said...

I LOVE your rabbit necklace!! It is adorable!! And your outfits over all! :)

Ngaio May xx

Teddi said...

to me it's all about your grand accessories today! my fave is the feather charm you made. i own that xtreme gunmetal polish. i've actually bought that color for a couple friends too. i don't know the brown glitter with gold lid name? i have the warm & fozzie opi muppets that looks like this. do you think they're similar?

Eleanor said...

Lovely! I wish SO badly we had an H&M around here. I found one of their dresses at a secondhand store I was checking out the other day and I LOVE IT. It fits me perfect!

Crissy said...

What a cute dress!! and I love the earring :D