Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friendly Advice for the Young

Once upon a time, I was neat. That day was not Monday.
I love changing photographs into funky colours. Why will this not catch on?

Apparently this post is for teenagers and the message is, clean up after yourself, feel free to expressive yourself creatively even if the world hates it, go to college and eat apples! :)



Jess Buckley said...

To me, it seems like going to college and being messy go hand-and-hand. Ever since I've been thinking about getting out of highschool, I've been so stressed, and I've been a big messy pile of nerves! My room is a disaster area, but at least I'm getting good grades :)

And the last picture of the apple looks so great! Keep it up!
Good advice too :P


Teddi said...

those photos really did remind me of college, a million years ago, when i went, back when the dinosaurs were still alive.

My 2 Pesos said...

Such nice photos. :3