Monday, January 9, 2012

A few journal pages.

I know I can't draw, but I find Art journals so therapeutic. Here's my first three days. As you may have seen, I posted 50 prompts a few days ago. My mission is just to complete those 50 prompts (and two other Art journals I slacked off on) before December 31st 2012.

1) Illustrate how you're feeling today
2) Open up to a page in your favourite book. Draw the first paragraph you read
3) Doodle a whole page like you doodled in high school.



Teddi said...

it's nice to see your art. :) said...

These are lovely drawings! I think you've shown you can draw, and quite well! Mine always end up stick figure-y...

little moon lover said...

all my life that's what I've done.. paint, sketch, doodle, draw.. it is the way I know how to express myself the best and take it all out... you can find my illustrations on my blog, I post them regularly.. they are chapters of my life.. I draw everytime I have a certain feeling, when I'm going through a new experience, when I'm sad, happy, angry... it's my favorite thing in the world.
cool pages... all my notebooks since kindergarden have doodles instead of words haha.. and don't get me wrong I was an A student but preffered to draw.. my mom always said that wouldnt get me anywhere.. and now I'm a fashion designer and illustrator.. booyah!
stay cool!