Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Awesome Wall Art: Guest Post By Ngaio May

I am really excited about this DIY. I can't wait to try it myself. It's gorgeous, but I won't say anything more and I will let her introduce herself!

Hi! I am Ngaio May,
I blog over at Little Cloud about all sorts of things. 
Today I have a tutorial for Butterfly Art that I made for a friend for Christmas! It is super simple but looks really lovely on the wall! Would be the perfect gift for any little girl (or big girl!) in your life! 
Things you will need:
- a canvas or square piece of wood
- paints and brushes
- lots of scraps of paper that have matching colours
- scissors - glue stick
- hot glue gun and glue sticks
- a favourite quote
First things first: Choose a colour scheme/colours you want to use. 
I went for a ultra girly look with yellow, pink, pale blue, white and a little bit of brown (It wouldn't be me if I didn't use brown paper somewhere!!) But you can use what ever colours you want. Pink, purple, blue and white would be pretty or even cooler tones of blues, purple, green and grey would look nice! Completely up to you and what paper/paint you have. 
Now, you want to paint the canvas. Easy. Let it dry properly before sticking anything to it, luckily we have things to do before that. 
Draw or Print and then cut out a butterfly shape that you like. Mine is about 4cm tall. 
Now this part sounds odd but I then stuck it to a super shiny piece of magazine paper and then cut it out again. This will make life easier later. 
My favourite part: Getting out my scrap paper collection! I went through and chose scraps of paper in my colours. Blue, Pink, cream and brown. 
There are scraps from wrapping papers, envelopes, starbucks cup holders (those things are gold for crafting!!) a page from a notebook, just lots of things. I collect up paper all the time. People give me funny looks when I ask for their used gift wrap but I always reduce/reuse when ever possible. 
Next cut out your butterflies. This part took a while time for me, but that's because I get distracted easily... But it can be done while watching TV. 
I am not good at just holding the shape onto the paper and cutting around it, as it was so small, and I didn't want to draw it out and then cut them out. 
So my secret is to use a tiny bit of glue (from a glue stick) and lightly stick the shiny magazine side of your butterfly to the paper you are cutting. The cut around and carefully pull the original shape off. Easy. This also ensures that all the cut outs are the same!  
I needed 16 butterflies in total as I had 4 rows of 4 butterflies on my finished art. You may want 5x5 or something different. Up to you! 
Now stick them to your canvas. I wish I had measured them out a little better - I was in a bit of a rush so it could have been better. I laid them out and decided how they looked nicest, due to the colours, before sticking them. 
To stick them I used a dot of hot glue on the body part of the butterflies. Once they were dry I used a pencil to roll the sides of the wings slightly so they would stick up a little! 
Then after all of that, I finished it by writing a quote at the bottom. I went with Life is Beautiful from the Vega 4 song that I love. Also the quote is so true! Again, if I had more time I would have done a bit of a nicer job, but sometimes we just need to do what we have to do. 
Here is my finished art work that was given away as a 'handmade secret santa' gift! Ash loved it! 
Please send me photos if you make something like this!! I would love to see!! 
Thanks for having me! 


A Splash of Ida said...
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With Love, Jamie said...

Love it!! Pretty pretty :)

Teddi said...

sweet butterfly art!

Ngaio May said...

Thank you for having me Charity!! :)

Ngaio May xx

alovelylittleworld said...

On my way between work and school today, I stopped and picked up a canvas and paint so I can do this. That's how much I loved it!