Thursday, January 19, 2012

As part of the Ice Wine Festival, local wineries offered tours and wine tasting, and it only cost $3.00 for a limo ride to the wineries, to visit three wineries and to sample ice wine at all three places. My friends and I decided to sign up because we figured it would be warmer than standing near ice sculptures and we would maybe get good images that other people overlooked. Candra really wanted to go to a particular winery because she's already been in contact with them about one of her wine bottle photographs, but that tour was already full. It was just as well because our tour only ended up being the three of us which meant we had the whole limo to ourselves! Also our driver was really nice and would recommend photographs a long the way to us, and then would park so we could get out.
This is at the Mountain Road Wine Company. We tried the 1999 ice wine and it was one of the best beverages I have EVER put in my mouth. I don't even really like wine and I use to hate ice wine. This was AMAZING. It's an award winning wine that they serve in the Canadian parliament. The owner makes the wine for love not money though and charges very low prices for his wine. I wish I had picked some up. If you ever have the chance, TRY IT!
This jelly at the second winery was also incredibly delicious.
Our ride

When we returned to the festival to go back to our cars, Candra and Sarah posed under the heat lamp in one of the tents.
They look like it's time to go home! 



Eva said...

an Ice Wine Festival?? Oh man, my husband would loove this! :)

Teddi said...

i want to taste that jam. the snow & nature frozen in time. the color,light & shapes you focused on in the wine photos makes me think of jewels.

becca said...

love this trip! your photos are pretty.