Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ada the Globetrotter

For the last few weeks, I've been a host to Ada the Globetrotter. She arrived just before Christmas in a pretty package from Brazil. I have since learned that Ada has been travelling for the last three years and hasn't been back to her home in France since! For more information on Ada's journey, check out her blog here or her facebook page here.

To start off, Ada went to Niagara Falls with me.
Since Tim Horton's is a Canadian institution, I made sure to take her there.
I left her with my friends when I went to the washroom, and a lady stopped by the table and was asking them all kinds of questions about her. Fortunately, I came back and saved them.
I took her to the Mall before Christmas, and on our Christmas Eve day hike at Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie.
Christmas Day she relaxed with my Blythe girls
And me, in my penguin clothes
New Year's Eve she celebrated in pretty bokeh pictures
And last, but not least, I took her to see Muddy the Mudcat, my town's giant roadside attraction.
Ada has moved on, but I think she enjoyed her time in Southern Ontario!

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