Sunday, January 22, 2012

About Me and the Characters Who Appear on My Blog

30 years ago today, January 22, I was born. My parents named me Charity Emmanuelle for no other reason than that it suited me. Also, they were active in Church circles during the Charismatic 1970s, so I always assume the name is a product of that. I was born during a snow storm and many birthdays since have fallen on snow storms... and that's okay. I'm starting to rather like sitting in with take-out Chinese Food rather than going out places and being the centre of attention.
Not the best scan in the world, but evidence I've always been a winter lover.

I lived with my mom, dad and two brothers until I was 12. 
Look how young my mom was when Michael was born.
At 12, my mom moved out. I tend to say I was raised by my dad because I always felt closer to my dad. He was my hero. That being said, I only actually lived with just my dad from 12 til nearly 16 (other than a step-mom for a brief time).
I moved in with my cousins when I was just about 16. My dad was very sick at the time and I was finding it really difficult to cope. I think that sounds selfish maybe, but he really wanted me to.... the brain tumor affected his thinking. I think it's hard work being a single parent to a 16 year old girl, without dealing with a messy divorce and a brain tumour. By this point, Caleb was switching between my parents, and Michael was still with dad.

At 17, Daddy died.
Caleb went to live with mom full time. Mike came to live with my cousins and myself (and my aunt and uncle). 
My cousins, Sarah and Liz, quite a number of years ago now. Liz and I shared an apartment together in Teacher's College and she's been my best friend for so many years, through so many things. Sarah and I are in College together now. She appears frequently in blog posts. I also post her photography. She's very talented.
Mike and Caleb the Christmas before daddy died. 

I'm not telling you this story to gain sympathy. I forget sometimes that this life is not the kind of life many people live. For me, it's not sad or tragic, it's just life. I don't mind telling my story because it's apart of who I've become. 

Since that time, my brothers have moved on to new cities and new schools. Mike is married. I studied History and Education and now photography. I'm a supply teacher and photographer, sometimes I write. I try, more than anything to be grateful and to love. I'm not always very good at it, but I constantly make it my goal. Sometimes it feels that the more I set love as my goal, the more I struggle with it. 
I also like to adopt people into my family, probably because people were kind enough to take me in when I had no one. Also because I realize families transist. Blood MIGHT be thicker than water, but family MIGHT be who you make it.

On that note, other people who feature on my blog regularly:
My friends, Jeff and Joe - sometimes we squabble like siblings.... Jeff was my first boyfriend and we broke up but stayed friends. I've known Joe since he was in Grade 3. We rode the school bus together, but we only became friends in the last few years.
And my "little sister" Jennah.... Her mom knew me when I was little, but I actually became friends with Jennah when I worked at the library.... she's a little book worm! 

You never know who I will adopt into my family in the near future... so stay tuned! haha

Lots of love to you my blog family and thank-you everyone who left me birthday wishes. It means so much to me, truly!


Teddi said...

awww happy birthday charity girl. you know your friends are the family you choose. much love. :)

alovelylittleworld said...

Teddi, you always make my day! What would I do without you?

Tiffany said...

Happy Happy Birthday a few days late! My monitor seems to be on it's last leg so I am hoping it stays on while I type this!
You are such a strong person! And always inspirational~ Thank you for sharing your "family" and your story with us!