Saturday, January 7, 2012

5 Things

This week, I'm attempting to photograph this quotation. I've been wanting to make photographs that represent sayings and quotations, so here's where I start.
My NYC trip for school is coming up really soon. I've been researching photo ideas like mad, but it will ultimately come down to me.
I signed up for Oh Strumpets! Valentine's Swap. Wouldn't this make a pretty Valentine's Day card? I'm going to search cute craft ideas next! (As you can tell by my reference to research over and over, I'm feeling a tad uninspired at the moment. Here's hoping today is the day that changes)

Um, what? Photography by Tim Walker. He has lots of pretty/creative/fascinating images!

A friend of mine from grade school is a poet and musician in Montreal. He blogs here (A Loom in the Dark). Sometimes he uses my photos to go along with his poems :)
He's very talented.

So that's it for this lovely Saturday! Happy weekend loves.

1 comment:

Teddi said...

what a compliment that your poet friend admires your photos enough to use them for that purpose! :)