Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I Wore: Christmas Version

I am a compulsive thrower-outer. Few things are ever sacred when I'm on a binge. Point being, two years ago, I deliberately went out and bought a red sweater to wear for Christmas. That means I got two or three uses out of it because I rarely wear red. I THREW IT OUT! Problem being, I have no extra money right now, and no Christmasy outfit. Sad story, I know. Here is what I wore instead to our annual Church Christmas.
It's just a shirt and slacks from H&M. I tied a black ribbon around my waist to make it look less plain. The ribbon kept sliding down so next time I will pin it to my shirt.
These are shoes I bought for a formal a few years ago. They are horribly uncomfortable and I had to wear boots to the Church and change when I got there because of the snow!
Then I made everything more fesitive with red, green and gold accessories!
(Ok, not that ring or bracelett.... but these earrings and hair clip)
I'm going to do a diy for the earrings tomorrow. They are so easy to make!
I love this time of year!!!!!


Eleanor said...


Beth said...

you look so cute. all put together. hope you had fun looking all christmasy & dressed up. luv the earrings. (:

Tiffany said...

That is a great Christmas party outfit!
Super cute!

With Love, Jamie said...

Aww your so pretty :) I love that top & your nails!

Pop Champagne said...

cute Christmas outfit you wore and I love your nail colors!

Teddi said...

very cute handmade holly in you your hair1 that is holly right? i like the black ribbon bow, it's like you are a christmas gift.