Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Tradition - I hope

 As you know, Southern Ontario is usually covered with snow around this time of year, but we had a green Christmas. So, this year on Christmas Eve my family went for a walk in a local Provincial Park. We brought hot dogs and roasted them over a bonfire (although it took a bit to get it going because everything was wet). Then we walked the trails of the park over-looking Lake Erie. The air was cool and fresh and it was really just a nice time. My cousin is into bird watching, but there weren't many birds about.
View of Lake Erie from the look-out
The stairs going up to the look out
The walkway up to the look out
I accidentally over-exposed this image, but I kind of liked the effect
I dug out an old coat for the day and wearing make-up may have been a mistake... haha, my eyes kept watering and making black streaks across my cheeks.
Sarah's hot dog kept falling off the fork. First attempt, it just fell on the table. Second attempt, it fell in the mud. Third attempt, the hot dog fell right in the fire. She gave up!
Did you spend anytime outdoors this holiday or start any new traditions? I would love to hear about it!


usstamps said...

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Damon said...

nice post :P

Courtney said...

That is such a beautiful photograph of you! Makeup on your cheek or not! Who cares-you were having an amazing time!

Cindy Dowdle-Schoen said...

Lovely photos! The pink and green hat you are wearing is awesome! Did you make it?

Hope you are doing well!!

Take care,


Teddi said...

oh the beauty! the 1st & last photo are calendar postcard worth treasures. today in texas it was sunny & warm it felt like spring. i didn't even need a jacket. wooo hooo. that's the extent of my outdoor adventures.