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Nail Art Tutorial: Guest post from Cristina

And here is another guest post from one of my favourite ladies.... (

Hi There!

I’m Cristina…

I’m here today to show you how to Christmas-ify your nails!

First things first…
Take out some paper, a pencil or your trusty iPad (or any other tablet device!) and start drawing!

Draw out some designs you’d like to try on your nails. Use colours, different stroke widths and just play around. It’s much easier to figure out your design won’t work when it’s on paper rather than all over your nail.

Here’s my REALLY quick sketch from my iPad (I use the Penultimate app – it doesn’t have a ton of colours to choose from):

By drawing things on out first, you’ll be able to figure out if a design is too detailed for your nails. In nail #3, you’ll see that I tried to make some Christmas lights on a string. It’s a little too detailed, especially for my tiny little nails!

Next, you’re going to gather some supplies:
• Base Coat/Top Coat
• Nail Polishes in the colours of your choice
• Nail Pens (Paint pens will work too!)
• Tiny bristled paintbrush

Essie is one of my favourite polishes because it’s easy to find. I also use OPI and China Glaze. This is a personal preference, so use whatever polish you have on hand!

Now – there’s a reason I prefer the nail art pens over paint pens…
The tip on the nail art pens is MUCH finer so you can get a little more detailed. They’re pretty pricey though, so if you need detail stick to you paintbrush!

Now that you have your supplies, you’re going to choose what design you’d like to use (or multiple designs!) and paint your base coat! I try to use the lighter colours as my base coat as it’s easier to draw in designs with darker colours.

Once you’re got your base coat on and your nails are DRY. I mean REALLY DRY. You’re now ready for the fun part!

First, I chose the snowflake design! I took my white nail art pen and tried to make snowflakes. I’m not a fan of the outcome because the pen was far too thick for delicate little snowflakes.
Design #2 was the Santa hat. Using my paintbrush dipped in some red nail polish, I drew a Santa hat onto my nail:

You’ll notice that it’s not perfect, and that’s okay because once we add in the white details no one will know! Next, I took my white nail pen (you can still use your brush if you’d like) and drew in the details. I found it much easier to make tiny little dots rather than actually drawing.
For design #3, I chose the candy cane striped nail. I just took my nail pen and drew lines. You could also tape off sections of your nail and paint in red lines, but that is far too time consuming for my liking :P The paint pens will work well with this because they have a broader stroke it should be easier to get a straighter and darker line.

I went over the design a couple times with my nail pen for a more contrasting effect:
Nail #4 was my tiny little pinky finger. I decided to try some falling snow and a little snowy French tip. Again, I drew this with my nail art pen (see how much use you would get out of owning one!), but it’s just as easily achievable with a brush or regular paint pen.
For my last nail, I attempted some holly. Take your brush and dip it into some green nail polish, then draw on two holly leaves. Once the leaves are dry you can paint in some circles for the holly buds (I don’t know the technical term for those red dots!).

A few pointers for everyone:
• Keep your designs simple! You’ll thank me once you get to your right hand (or left, for the lefties!)
• Painting your nails is a real test in patience. Believe me, if you don’t let your polish dry between coats/designs it will make everything that much harder.

I wanted to give you all tips on how to have cute nails with supplies you probably already own, or inexpensive supplies – BUT I also want to quickly share with you the GREATEST INVENTION IN THE WORLD!

Stamping Nail Art!

What is that?!?!
It is a system that allows you to stamp your nails with amazing designs!

I bought most of my supplies fromKonad -
I recommend getting one of their smaller kits which will come with a stamping plate, and the tools you need to get started with stamping.

It’s VERY fun, and I’ve found myself painting my nails 2-3x per week!

Maybe one day Charity will invite me back to show you some stamping nail art, but for now you can check out my (very work in progress) blog at for some of my stamping designs!

I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial – if you have questions leave them in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you out!

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dear cristina, you're a christmas holiday nail wonder dream maker!