Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a Quick Note/Request

My computer at home is being a pain. The plug won't stay in and the battery life is spent. I hope to have it back running tonight, but if not, there MAY be some delay on the guest posts :(

I'm posting this at school and can't even get an image to post with it. Today is frustrating me to NO end!!! I need to breath, breath, breath.

Any tips for patience dear friends? Cheerful words. Anything you've got right now, I can use.

Love you all! xo


Teddi said...

candy, mud pies, food fights, & fart noises. sounds like another day at the office.

Ngaio May said...

Oh man, that sucks!! I really don't know how to help sorry but I will say that it will work out eventually!!

Ngaio May xx