Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Blogger: Katie with a real cool DIY for paper stars!

Good morning A Lovely Little World readers! This next guest post is from Katie at Breathe and Hush. I can't wait to try this DIY. 

Hi! I'm Katie!
I blog over at Breathe & Hush, and would love to meet you all! I'm a semi crafty cat lady who studies psychology.

Paper Star DIY

I saw a picture on my Tumblr a few days ago that showed how to make a paper star pretty similar to this one. Alright, I'll admit it. That paper star was nothing like mine: the paper star that this person made was AMAZING. My paper star compared to their's is like comparing a mouse to a lion.

My do-it-yourself holiday loving heart skipped a beat as I imagined myself making garland for my dorm room out of these stars …..while watching the entire Home Alone series. As you can see, my life is very exciting.

So I click the link…..and receive the classic "Oops! Google Chrome could not find _____." WHAAAT? My heart sunk. I exited out of the window and went on with my day. I was walking to class and kept seeing stars --- "Oh, look! There's a star on the Christmas tree in the middle of campus!" "Mmmmm….star shaped tator tots? Gimme some of those!"

I kept thinking about this stupid star! I was sitting at work, bored, and decided to hunt down this star online and attempt to replicate it.

I am not an origami wielding master, unfortunately, and it took close to ten tries before I made a star that looked like a star. There are probably better ways to make an even cooler looking star,

This is what I came up with…

You'll need:
A Pencil
A ruler

Sidenote: These pictures were taken in my dorm room, in various states of lighting (in between studying my psychology rat friend, Zafira), so please ignore their different states of lightness.

1. Each star is made up of 8 4 x 4squares. As I got smarter, I made myself a template out of some cardboard.

2. Place the square in front of you with a point facing you and fold.

3. Fold on the middle line

4. Fold the bottom half on the middle line as well.

5. Fold the top point to the right

6. And fold the bottom point to the left.

7. Turn the figure so that it is like the picture on the left.

8. Fold the lower tip to the left of the crease that you just made in Step 6.

9. This part took me awhile. You just need to push the triangle on the left down. It works best if you are doing it on a flat surface.
10. You will get this shape. Now, make 7 more. You'll get faster as you go along, I promise!
11. Piece together 8 of the pieces by putting the smallest tips behind the "flaps." It's okay for them to be a little loose at the beginning: but by the end, it will be a tight fit.
12. Flip the star! This is the side that you will want to show in your room.

Thanks, Charity, for inviting me! Happy Holidays!



Teddi said...

very clever katie the semi crafty college cat lady!

Galina Doneva said...

Hi, two of the pics (at step 7. and 9.) are identical. So at that point it is quite dificult to understand the instructions... Could you give the real step 9. pic, please? :)

Galina Doneva said...
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Charity Blaine said...

Katie was a guest blogger at the time. I will see if I can get in touch with her to clarify the steps for you. Sorry for the confusion!