Monday, November 14, 2011

My attempt at Modelling and the New Girl

Isn't this photograph of Emily and Zooey gorgeous?
I am OBSESSED with Zooey's new tv show The New Girl. I cry and laugh every single episode.
In other news, my computer won't read my iphone right now, so I can't share my weeks in instagram (which I was enjoying doing) but I will show a few college photos. For one of our final assignments, we have to do a Fashion Shoot, so our prof was letting us play around a bit. I HATE being in photographs, I make so many faces, but he asked me to do it.
Here are two of the results,

Photographer: Haley Thuss

Photographer: Sarah Wills

They clearly did a lot of work editting these babies. I will show you what I did later.
And a finally thought for this Monday morning.....


O. said...

I don't really watch much tv but I heard that show was good.

Jessie said...

Can't say I've ever watched that show either...but I might now that you've recommended it :) And those pictures of you are beautiful! And the quote is perfect for Monday <3


With Love, Jamie said...

Gosh, your beautiful! :D
And I love New Girl also!!!

Lisa said...

you look beauitful girl!

Teddi said...

do you feel like the girl in the photographs? poignant quote. hoping to see the photos YOU took soon. that's my fave, you know.

Ngaio May said...

YOU ARE SO PRETTY!!! Oh my gosh, you look amazing!!! I love those photos!!! You should get that second one printed or something!!

I am finally able to watch the new girl today, I made my self wait until after exams to watch. :)

Ngaio May xx

Tiffany said...

The photos of you are AMAZING!!!

Eleanor said...

You look gorgeous!!!!! <3

marla grace said...

I love The New Girl! It's so refreshing! And it makes me feel a little better about being weird ;). And your photos are so pretty!

miss teacups. said...

these photos are gorgeous...YOU are gorgeous!!