Sunday, November 6, 2011

Delayed Outfit Posts

I take so many pictures for outfit posts that I never end up posting. Here are two "lesser" outfits.

This is called simple purple plaid with yellow striped hair bow and beaded necklace. A remarkably comfortable outfit if I do say so myself.
Oh and did I mention I bought that huge tacky purple and gold ring for $3.00 and it's the most comfortable ring ever and looks perfect with every outfit because it's already tacky.
I deliberately turned the last two pictures yellow. I didn't realize have a reason, I just thought they looked more fun yellow.
This outfit isn't an outfit at all. I just wanted to show off my new Christmas shirt. I was wearing jeans but didn't get all of Mila's restless clues... and she peed all over my jeans (ew). Mila is my guinea pig, not a person, for clarification.
I did however, make this outfit awesome by wearing it with a blue cardigan and Bonjour headband made by Elycia.

So yeah, um, I guess that's all! Happy Monday!!!! <3


Magical Day Dream said...

"Mila is my guinea pig, not a person" Whaha. loved that sentence

Teddi said...

every time i looks at your room decor i like it. that ring matches your plaid blouse fantastically. very cute bow, & headband. charity is the graphic t-shirt queen. so, i take it guinea pigs don't have a litter box?