Thursday, November 17, 2011

Children at Christmas are the best

Parades are the perfect time for taking photos! These are from the Hamilton Christmas Parade last weekend.
Hamilton Christmas parade has a ton of Marching Bands.
My favourite imagine from the parade is the little girl cowering from the Chinese Dragon. The boy inside the dragon was just a teenager himself and I'm sure he enjoyed terrifying the small children, haha.
5 of us went to the parade together, and we all wore antlers. Imagine how silly 5 adults look standing with no children, 3 big cameras and antlers. Honestly, it was so fun. Then we hit up the Bulk Barn for candy and still wore the antlers. People loved it. Weird?

I will post photos of me with my antlers later tonight! They are still on my phone. So fun :)


Ngaio May said...

I Love Children and I love Christmas!

You guys have your parade super early! But I guess that makes it exciting!

Ngaio May xx

Teddi said...

looks like an adventure in reindeer antlers. i would have loved to see photos of all of you together, wearing them. or even the reaction when people saw you.