Thursday, November 24, 2011

4 glimpses into my life of late.

It's a late night for me but I finished ALL 4 things that are due tomorrow! Yay me!
One more photo from my fashion shoot last weekend. Hopefully I get a chance to go through them finally this weekend.
And the two images I submitted for my water assignment. I did very well! I'm honestly ecstatic. It's amazing how positive feedback makes any work after that that much easier. Let your friends/co-workers/loved ones know when they do something well! It may intimidate them (so they're scared they won't do as well next time, but it definitely won't stunt them in the same negative way that bad feedback can... unless of course you're the kind of person that is motivated by negative feedback) I'm sorry, it's late. Time for bed! Just had to celebrate with a victory post!!!

Love you all!


Teddi said...

those water photos marvel me!

Lisa said...

looks pretty amazing!

Sera Pie said...

Those water photos are amazing! Nicely done!