Monday, October 3, 2011

Paper Clips Available Here

I'm feeling kinda cranky this morning, and very drained, probably as a result of the solid week of rain. In any case, I thought making a wish list of pretty things MIGHT cheer me up a bit. I will give it a try.
1950s style deer figurine available here
I'm beating one day I will have a salt and pepper shaker collection. They have so many cute designs available

And while I'm wishing anyway, I want all the Hello Kitty Momiji dolls, particularly this one Stella.
I would also take a fun coloured haired Blythe doll.This one isn't for sale, but she's pretty.
Found here
And the other thing I want to talk about wanting, I am saving for later! So I will end here.
Happy Monday!

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Teddi said...

the last quote is my fave. i've never heard it before.