Sunday, October 23, 2011

My world in instagram

"Cette est ma vie"
It rained, a lot.
And it was mid term exam week.... here are my classmates, nervously waiting for exam 1

Eeks, this dollhouse badly needs re-styling
In the studio, working on projects
My grandfather was awarded this medal for his time at Sheridan College. He was a photographer :)
I found it this week when I was digging out dollhouse stuff
I am soooooo sick of jelly beans
But jelly beans and glow sticks together can make this....
The rest of the week was coffee and toques, as follows...
haha, I kinda messed up this panorama, but I love it because it makes me laugh
Toques 1 and 2 (apparently I didn't snap photos with 3 and 4, lucky you!) I love Fall clothes... sweaters, hats, fuzzy socks. Sign me up!


Teddi said...

i like your self portraits! what a treasure to find your grandpa's medal. :) "glow worm, glow worm, your child's good night friend." do you remember that commercial?

The Perfect Pear said...

such pretty pictures! that must have been such a sweet surprise to find your grandpa's medal, I always love finding stuff like that! so special! :)