Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Life According to Instagram

If aliens were to browse through my phone to discover what things were important on earth, they would think life revolved around candy and nailpolish (and my family and friends of course)
Jellybeans I will photograph this week in school, if I don't eat them all first
Yes, I paint out of the lines.

Other things from the past week...
I finished my photo wall and was too lazy to climb on my bed after a long day at school
I went antiquing and geocaching with some friends after a failed attempt to see a vintage submarine.
Yes, they definitely DID NOT want us in there.
I enjoyed the Fall and this pretty yellow tree against the red brick building
I love my faux fur coat. It's the warmest jacket ever made.
I really wanted to take home this baby guinea pig. If you stroked under her chin she would lean her head way, way back.
Last but not least, I took a washroom break during my evening French class and came across this very interesting sign in the public bathroom. Do women ever crouch ON the toilet to pee? I thought most of us kind of hovered over the seat so they didn't have to touch this seat, but usually with their feet on the ground. Am I missing something here??? Is this a real problem?

Dear aliens, this is my life :)

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Teddi said...

i like daily life snippets photos. are all those photos on your wall taken by you? my 2 newest nail polish colors are by revlon.