Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inspiration Images

My cousin and I did a Red Riding Hood shoot yesterday! (I accidentally put Red Riding HOOK.... way different). I'm not posting my images yet but here are some of the pretty ones I used for inspiration. I recommend everyone do a Red Riding Hood theme something at some point  in your life. The colours are so perfect for Art.

This last one is my favourite one.
I will post my pictures as soon as I can.
As an aside, I'm finding it so difficult to create good images for projects. It's like the pressure of it just makes it a fail.  I have a critique today in class. I'm dreading it to be honest.
Happy Wednesday loves!

(And to Teddi, the weird cuddling/kissing picture is two divers jumping off a board. For part of their act, one grabs the other and they tumble from the board into the pool. It's hard to discern this from the image!) haha
Love you friend :)


Samantha said...

The contrast of the colors are just gorgeous! :)

xo, Samantha

Teddi said...

i can't even begin to imagine how fascinating your red riding hood not hook photos are going to be! luv u 2. oh, & very nice beautiful quotes & photos in your newest post.

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to see the photos from your shoot!