Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday DIY Feather Earrings

Okay, I'm cheating on this today.
A few months ago I posted aabout making feather hair extensions. Here is the post: Diy Feather Hair Extensions. I always intended to make feather earrings as well, and I finally did it. I'm not posting the steps to make your own feather earrings, because they are exactly the same as making your own feather hair extensions, except.... you attach the feathers to an earring hook instead of a bobby pin. I will note one thing though, be careful where you keep your feather earrings/extensions. When I finished mine, I just threw them in the top of my craft basket so I could photograph them when I had a chance. I bent the feathers on the one earring and now it sticks out all crazy. I'm going to put it under a heavy book to straighten it out.
Feathers before being earrings
Pair one
Pair two
So that's it! Feather earrings (if you can acquire the feathers are so simple and look so amazing when finished! give it a try!)


NinaRevenant said...

Love the earrings my boyfriend got me some very pretty ones almost like that :)

Teddi said...

yeah we made some a month or so ago, whenever it was.