Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm approaching 30, although not there yet. Admittedly sometimes I find this so disheartening because I've accomplished so few of things that I hoped to by this point in my life. When I was younger, I assumed I would be married by 22, have written my first novel by even younger and certainly had a beautiful home and successful career by this stage in my life.
Granted, I opted instead to get a few degrees, but somedays that seems pointless since it hasn't guaranteed me a job, happiness, or anything really, haha. I'm sorry this sounds so negative. I actually don't regret my education decisions in anyway. This is all a precursor to sharing my goals for my immediate situation. I've put a great deal of thought into these. Some will seem lofty and ridiculous, but there certainly is nothing wrong with aiming high, right?
*Be open to the Holy Spirit. Don’t consider what you will have to do or not do that might be outside your ideas for yourself. He is real, He wants you to know Him personally. He has to come first. Everything else last. Joyce Meyer and Katherine Kuhlman know the Holy Spirit personally. You might be considered radical, but that’s okay.

*Apply for a Ph.D. program. Challenge accepted norms about Christianity in History.

*Re-open an etsy store with just beaded necklaces and flower hair pins (beaded) also a photography shop.

*Improve drawing skills.

*Write and illustrate a Children’s Book (or more than one)

*Write YA Short stories (maybe just for myself rather than for publication, not really relevant)

*Start a charitable organization for the town of Dunnville. Start with selling extra handcrafted jewellery for a donation of $5.00 per item. Eventually involve other artisans who donate handcrafted goods for sale. Other options as fundraisers are craft shows (table and penny sale profits to charity), community movie night, Glamour/Family portrait sessions (with hair and make-up) for a donation/prize. All proceeds go towards the beautification of the town and to help families in need. To start, jewellery will be placed in local businesses. I will eventually create a website/twitter account/blog/facebook page…. So people can make donations.

*Everything you do as far as the charity needs to be the best. Pay fellow bloggers and artisans for their involvement. (Web design, etc.) Only hire the best. The Holy Spirit always deserves the best.

**Don’t be career centred. God will provide for all your needs, even if it means an assortment of jobs throughout the years. Life is not about money, but about what you make of it.

*Learn French. Become a translator so you can help at the IAOGI as need be.

*Advocate for Children’s Rights. Write letters. Join organizations.

*Create a t-shirt line (inspired by Stop Wars). All the tshirts have inspirational sayings “Love Your Neighbour”, “Pray”, etc. (Not cheesy Christian puns. Hire someone to make them if need be). Advocate for Peace.

*Be a peacemaker. Not a pacificist.

So that's the list. I hope by posting it on here I will think more often about these goals. In fact, maybe I will check in on myself every Monday and let you know the progress. That way, if I'm not making progress, I will be embarrassed! :)

So that's it for now, Happy Labour Day friends.


With Love, Jamie said...

Great post, sweet friend!

Teddi said...

charity, i'm so proud to know you! those goals sound amazingly beautiful. :) you look just like your mom. great current photo of you, too.

Carla said...

Don't worry you have loads more years to go. They are really cute photos. You have a great blog.

Camile said...

Trully True, i know exactly how it feels... but dream on and carry on!!!