Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fashion Heroes

I'm not really into fashion as I reiterate every week, but there are a few fashionable bloggers who always make me go...."Oh, I wish I was into fashion"  (oddly few celebrities have the same effect on me, hmmmm, weird.)

1) Elycia. I love her creative combos, colourful hair and cute dresses. I live near her and always joke about raiding her closet. I would never do that, but I really do want in regularly raid her closet. She can pick out the clothes, I will just steal them. Solves my creativity problems RIGHT there.
2. Katie. She also specializes in unique combinations and colourful pieces. Not just that, I love her hair and she's so darn pretty, she looks amazing in everything!  
3. Keiko Lynn. I love looking at her blog. She has so much flare. This being said, in reality, I would never pick the clothes she does. They're way to dressy for my laid back, pry me out of jeans style. I do however love the below outfit as well as her perfect hair and make-up. My make-up never looks that good, and I can't even wear lip stick. Jealousy.
Whose fashion posts do you enjoy reading? Anyone inspire your style? Best places to shop???? Fill me in!


Katie said...

elycia is my favorite. i love her hair!!!

Teddi said...

i'm sending you an email.