Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eclectic Style, Teddi and I

I don't know if you all know Teddi at Honeybee Lane, but if you don't, you need to. She is one of the sweetest most supportive girls in blog world. In fact, I think somedays I would give up on blogging all together without her.

Point being, we were discussing fashion blogs through email the other day. She follows very fashionable people and I asked her for recommendations. She asked me how I define my style so she could make recommendations accordingly. I said a bit Tomboy, a bit Bohemian because these seemed the closest options. I eventually googled both styles.... loved both, overlapped with both, but didn't fit squarely into either (or even the cross Tomboy Boho).
I wouldn't wear any of these outfits, but there was overlap with other outfits.
Again an extreme case, but I definitely don't dress like this end of Boho.

I quickly did a style quiz. My result was "frumpy". Yikes and not entirely true. I found out where I fit today. Not that it matters, but I like fitting in some categories, sometimes. I'm "Eclectic!" Eclectic overlaps with Bohemian but can also be referred to as Indie chic (on occasion), which explains my graphic tees. I'm actually really excited about my discovery. Also I searched Eclectic home decor. It was also my favourite style! It's just a mish mosh. Modern and vintage, feminine and boyish... mix it all together! Voila!
So thank-you Teddi for causing me to think about this question. I owe you one.

All of this being said, I wore a "frumpy" outfit??? shopping yesterday. But I loved it. (I'm way too colour obsessed to be frumpy. What do those quizzes know anyway?)
Jeans- Gap
Sweater & headband - H&M
Sprinkle Necklace - Sick for Cute
Beaded necklace - Handmade
Nailpolish - Sally Hensen Insta-Dry Uptempo Plum and 
Raspberry Race, Wet 'n Wild Fastdry Party of Five Glitters


cupcake cutie said...

you look so cute!
love the outfit! and nails! and necklace!!!


O. said...

cute! love the sweater, nails and necklace.

Carrie said...

love it all what a cool blog you have :)

Teddi said...

i think they (the quizzes) are just some blah, blah, blah BS somebody made up to fill up their magazine quota space, page thingie, whatever. you know how like cops give out tickets at the end of the month to fill their quota, just sayin.