Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy days of the end of summer

Jennah cut her hair by herself. She did a bad job (which I unfortunately didn't get to see). She then had to go to the hairdresser to have it buzzed. It only made our mustache photos more fun. I simply had to share. The ladies beside us at Tim Horton's were pretty entertained. I didn't see them watching us at first. Then I was embarrassed, but it didn't really stop me.
I need a haircut apparently
And in case you didn't realize this already, I'm OBSESSED with instagram.
And back to normal, phew....
:) Do you ever play with mustaches? Because if not, you really should.
Love you!


misslarissabree said...

I love instagram too! Its fun to see peoples pictures and where they live!

Teddi said...

i'll leave the 'stache playing to you & john oates from the 70's/80's band hall & oates. recently famous again, for "you make my dreams come true." but you knew that already, didn't ya?

how pretty is jennah, that she can have a buzzed hair & still be absolutely gorgeous! i bet she's super nice & fun too. she totally cut her hair like that chick in the movie "empire records."